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K Profits
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  • The IGNITION Virtual Event: How to pick your money niche, more secret content sources, the ultimate "Plan B", my #1 branding secret, more!
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  • Book Outline in 41 Just Minutes (Case Study): Watch over my shoulder as I build a high quality, researched book outline!
  • BONUS #1 - "Checklist Money": Discover how to get money again and again using the exact same content that's in your books (fast, simple and easy) with Kristen Joy!
  • BONUS #2 - Live Video Presentation Secrets: Learn the live video speaking secrets of Felicia Slattery... for Hangouts, Periscope and FB Live!
  • BONUS #3 - YouTube "InstaGenius" Training: 15 short, simple, "how to" videos for exploiting YouTube... even if you're just getting started or have never done anything with YouTube!
  • BONUS #4 - Hangout "InstaGenius" Training: 15 perfect "how to" videos for exploiting Google Hangouts... this training takes you by the hand!
  • BONUS #5 - Juggernaut Audacity: How to install, set up and use Audacity for crafting your book content at maximum speed... awesome!
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